Et liv i balance


Et liv i balance


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My mission is to live from a place of integrity and creativity.

Hi, I am Wanda. I am passionate about helping individuals find their mission and pursue it vehemently. I have spent the past decade of my professional life with supporting workgroups and individuals at up-and-coming digital startups and large multinational corporations. Together, we've created a positive impact, achieved our goals and learnt how to deal with permanent change.

Wandawoman supports you with defining your mission, manifesting it through setting meaningful goals and pursuing it by creating a lifestyle for yourself that helps you get stuff done and stay focused. This is exciting and serious work that has the potential to transform your life!

What is a 'mission'?
You know you are on a mission when you feel a strong desire for taking action to achieve a particular outcome. It is not only something you decide to do. You also feel it in your guts. A mission is urgent and important - everything drives you towards, you must do it! There is also another definition. A mission can as well be a particular task that you aim to complete. This task has an end date, can be achieved through taking action, is specific, motivating and significant. Wandawoman helps you with doing both, define your overall gut-felt mission and establish habits that support pursuing it daily.

Examples for missions are:

  • Building and maintaining a successful business
  • Achieving mastery in a new difficult skill
  • Reaching an audience with something you love doing
  • Doing good for the planet and/or people
  • Living up to your values continuously
  • Changing careers successfully and thriving in your chosen field

And other great missions that you want to pursue

How does it work?

Find it.
I assist you in exploring what truly drives you and defining your overall mission that is realistic and challenging.

Manifest it.
I help you manifest your mission by setting attainable goals, creating a mission plan and making a commitment to fulfilling your mission.

Pursue it.
I support you with developing healthy habits that help you stay on track and with gaining clarity in moments of decision paralysis.

Who is it for?

Young leaders
Are you new to leadership and want to find your unique leadership style? I help you inspire your team and those around you by leading from a place of purpose. Based on your real-life experience, we also explore how you develop integrity as a leader while juggling many tasks and different stakeholder interests.

Are you an artist or creative? Do you want to be recognised for your outstanding work and spend more time in your creative bubble, believe in yourself and stay focused? I help you set goals, overcome internal blockers that keep you from being productive and build resilience towards distractions from outside.

Creative entrepreneurs
Are you an entrepreneur who wants to be successful in doing what you love? I support you with setting goals, building a realistic roadmap, focusing on what is essential and urgent and developing healthy habits that help you stay motivated when things do not go as planned. I also challenge your way of thinking to help you overcome limiting beliefs, think in new directions and gain integrity as an independent business owner. - et liv i balance

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